Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Alright, so I've made this blog to give you the tools and help that you need to become a successful affiliate marketer, and make money online.
However, I realize that many people who come to this site are complete amateurs to making money online, and might have no idea of what affiliate marketing is. So I'm writing this post to give you a basic overview of what exactly affiliate marketing is.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is promoting and selling other peoples products online. You become an affiliate to a company's product, and then you promote that product through search engine advertisements (google adwords, yahoo, bing, etc.), websites and blogs that you create, and various other methods.
Now you don't get paid for the advertisements, you get paid for the sales. Every time that somebody buys a product through your affiliate link (which is given to you when you become an affiliate to a product), you get a commission. Commissions can be anywhere from 0-100%, however the commissions I see are usually around 30%-60%.

Think about it for a minute.
If you are promoting a product that sells for $75, and you are getting a 40% commission for every single product that somebody buys through you, you are making $30 per product.
Now if you have a successful advertisement (or however you choose to promote your product), that can get just 10 or 15 people to buy that product per day, you are making $300-$450 per day just for that product.
Imagine if you are successfully promoting hundreds of products. Now get this. According to http://www.internetworldstats.com/, there are close to 7 billion internet users in the world, and every single one of those people is a possible customer. Every single one of them gets on the internet every day to google something such as, "How to lose weight", "How to make money online", "How to grow your hair back", and countless other simple, everyday questions that pop into everybody's minds.
As you can see, if you are successful as an affiliate marketer, well let's just say...you can go places.

I won't feed you the normal bull about how you can make 100 grand to a million during your first year. I'd be a liar if I told you that. Even though a select few have actually managed to accomplish that feat, it's extremely rare.

I hope this was helpful for anybody who is new to affiliate marketing and making money online.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Selling Cell Phones?

Who would have thought that selling cellular phones would be so profitable. This is a great niche that I've gotten into, thanks to Adam Horowitz's Mobile Monopoly program.

First of all I gotta give it up for Adam. He's the guy that got me into affiliate marketing in the first place. Without him, I confess, that I would be a financial nobody. His advice and tutoring is what saved me from my old job as a car salesman (which was a decent job, and I made good commissions, but when the economy started falling, car sales fell with it).
But enough of the history lesson, I want to tell you about how you can majorly boost your income through celling cell phones (pun intended).

Here are the modules in the program:

* Module 1 – Getting Started
* Module 2 – The Methods
* Module 3 – Ad Platforms
* Module 4 – Why Go CPA
* Module 5 – Clickbank Time
* Module 6 – Get Physical
* Module 7 – Pay Per Call
* Module 8 – Local biz
* Module 9 – Your App
* Module 10 – Helping Artists
* Module 11 – Wrapping Up

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a significant paycheck boost.
I think you'll like the product and you'll like Adam. Believe me. He's a great guy,
not afraid to make jokes, and is just an overall chill guy.

He films all of his videos in real time so you don't have to be worried whether or not you're getting fake scammed videos like in so many other affiliate hype programs.

Mobile Monopoly is jam packed with insider secrets on how to make a killing marketing on Mobile devices.
He explains it all carefully and makes it easy to understand. I learned a lot in the couple weeks that I spent on this tutorial-and my reward? $570 dollars added to this month's total paycheck (and I'm still learning the ropes).
Seriously, give it a try.
He even offers a full 60-day refund plus $100 extra just for trying his product (if that's not one confident man, I don't know who is).

Check out Adam's site and introduction video!
Hope you enjoy it.

Great Product for Fast and Easy Traffic

Auto Traffic Avalanche is an automated traffic generation product from Kieran Gill and Imran S.

If you are looking for more traffic for your affiliate links, or just want a better page rank for your blog or newborn website. Whatever you need this traffic for, this is the real deal. Seriously.
My friend, Chris, used this program for a website that he had just created about computers and technology. I just started to test it out a few days ago with my old wordpress blog, and by the end of the day I had close to 50 new inbound links (hyperlinks on other websites that link back to your site). I did the math and research and over 89.47% of those were high quality links (according to my calculator anyway-lets just say 89% haha).

This software you don’t need to mess with PPC, PPV, SEO, article marketing, classified ads, blogging, or social bookmarking. Best of all, you don’t need Google. The authors have tested and tweaked these methods before releasing them to the public for best results.

Best thing about this product is that it only cost me $39. For the amount of traffic it's made me so far, I'd say that's definitely the best $40 I've spent in the last few months (except for maybe the red and black G-Shock Gulfman watch that I bought of my friend a few weeks ago haha). He even offers a 60 day trial period in which you can receive a full refund if you find his product unhelpful.

Check this guy out, and watch his video.
I think you'll really enjoy this product.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maverick Money Makers

There are so many different online income scams being sold that it is very difficult to know which products actually provide any real value. As the economy gets worse and more people lose their jobs, finding other sources of income has become much more important. The problem is, the internet’s many scam artists know people are desperate to find ways to make money online and they are taking full advantage of it! I’m writing this review of Mack Michaels’ Maverick Money Maker's program with the hope that you will be able to know the truth about this popular product.

I have purchased and tried so many online money-making systems and products that I’ve lost count. I would estimate that 75%-80% of the products I’ve used turned out to be a complete waste of time and money. But this one was a lot different from most of the other programs and tutorials that I'd seen whilst crawling the web.

I was so satisfied myself with this product that I bought one for my buddy, Steve, to try out. He started watching the videos and within 2 weeks had made his first $250 online. In a months time, he told me that he had made $975. Keep in mind that this was only his first month, just starting out as a complete newbie. I just talked to him a couple weeks ago, and he said that he'd just recently quit his job working for IBM, and was making a full income of roughly $16,000 per month.

So I've told you about the Maverick Money Maker's program, now you might be wondering, "Just what type of guy is this Mack Michaels?"
Mack Michaels started out just like most other clueless newbie marketers. After finding himself broke and out of a job, he had to come up with a way to provide for his family. In his time of desperation, Michaels began to develop a system that could make him money online. He continued to focus on this system and used it to become an Internet marketing millionaire! The very same system that brought Michaels his fortune serves as the basis for the Maverick Money Makers system.

This affiliate marketing tutorial is the tool to your success. It is easy to understand, so even if you're new to affiliate marketing or making money online, it certainly won't be like chemistry class.

To sign up for Mack Michael's Maverick Money Makers and to start make your first paycheck working online click here.

To your success,