Friday, September 3, 2010

Selling Cell Phones?

Who would have thought that selling cellular phones would be so profitable. This is a great niche that I've gotten into, thanks to Adam Horowitz's Mobile Monopoly program.

First of all I gotta give it up for Adam. He's the guy that got me into affiliate marketing in the first place. Without him, I confess, that I would be a financial nobody. His advice and tutoring is what saved me from my old job as a car salesman (which was a decent job, and I made good commissions, but when the economy started falling, car sales fell with it).
But enough of the history lesson, I want to tell you about how you can majorly boost your income through celling cell phones (pun intended).

Here are the modules in the program:

* Module 1 – Getting Started
* Module 2 – The Methods
* Module 3 – Ad Platforms
* Module 4 – Why Go CPA
* Module 5 – Clickbank Time
* Module 6 – Get Physical
* Module 7 – Pay Per Call
* Module 8 – Local biz
* Module 9 – Your App
* Module 10 – Helping Artists
* Module 11 – Wrapping Up

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a significant paycheck boost.
I think you'll like the product and you'll like Adam. Believe me. He's a great guy,
not afraid to make jokes, and is just an overall chill guy.

He films all of his videos in real time so you don't have to be worried whether or not you're getting fake scammed videos like in so many other affiliate hype programs.

Mobile Monopoly is jam packed with insider secrets on how to make a killing marketing on Mobile devices.
He explains it all carefully and makes it easy to understand. I learned a lot in the couple weeks that I spent on this tutorial-and my reward? $570 dollars added to this month's total paycheck (and I'm still learning the ropes).
Seriously, give it a try.
He even offers a full 60-day refund plus $100 extra just for trying his product (if that's not one confident man, I don't know who is).

Check out Adam's site and introduction video!
Hope you enjoy it.


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